Back shape analysis and visualization

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Februar 2017



Spinal and back deformities can lead to pain and discomfort, disrupting productivity, and may require prolonged treatment. The conventional method of assessing and monitoring the deformity using radiographs has known radiation hazards. An alternative approach for monitoring the deformity is to base the assessment on the shape of back surface. This publication presents the content and progression of research into automated analysis and visualization of three-dimensional laser scans of the human back. Using mathematical shape analysis, methods have been developed to detect the anatomic landmarks of the back from which the spinal mid-line is reconstructed and measurements of the deformity are derived. Effective visualization techniques which highlight asymmetry of the back have also been developed.


Following completion of his PhD, Dr Twumasi worked on calibration of cellular automata-based model for simulating urban landuse dynamics, at the University College Dublin (UCD) Urban Institute. Dr Twumasi is currently a senior analyst and developer in Simulation and Optimization at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd.
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