Get Through MRCOG Part 1 SBAs and Revision Notes

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With over 450 brand new single best answer questions and reasoned answers, this comprehensive revision guide provides the candidate with a definitive, one-stop revision resource for the newly revised MRCOG part 1 examination.* Test yourself with over 450 brand new revision questions and answers in the revised style of the new MRCOG part 1 examination.* Learn through selecting the most appropriate answers.* Study using the wealth of flow charts, diagrams, tables, acronyms and revision hints and tips.Written by an experienced author team who have extensive knowledge of the exam through their roles teaching MRCOG courses, this title is currently the only part one revision guide that is in SBA format, which is identical to the forthcoming exam. Get Through MRCOG Part 1 is essential reading and revision material for postgraduate candidates preparing for the written examination of the MRCOG examination.


Anatomy Embryology Endocrinology Microbiology & Virology Pharmacology Statistics & Clinical Trial Design Biochemistry and proteomics Molecular and cell biology & Genetics Immunology Pathology Physiology Biophysics Practice paper Practice paper


Rajesh Varma MA PhD MRCOG Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Guy's and St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London; Honorary Senior Lecturer King's College London, UK Arri Coomarasamy MD MRCOG Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, University of Birmingham and Consultant Gynaecologist, Birmingham Women's Hospital, UK T. Justin Clark MD (Hons.) MRCOG Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Birmingham Women's Hospital and University of Birmingham, UK
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