The Postmodern Adventure: Science, Technology, and Cultural Studies at the Third Millennium

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Massive geopolitical shifts and dramatic developments in computerization and biotechnology are heralding the transformation from the modern to the postmodern age. We are confronted with altered modes of work, communication, and entertainment; new postindustrial and political networks; novel approaches to warfare; genetic engineering; and even cloning. This compelling book explores the challenges to theory, politics, and human identity that we face on the threshold of the third millennium. It follows on the success of Best and Kellner s two previous books: "Postmodern Theory," acclaimed as the best critical introduction to the field, and "The Postmodern Turn," which provides a powerful mapping of postmodern developments in the arts, politics, science, and theory. In "The Postmodern Adventure," Best and Kellner analyze a broad array of literary, cultural, and political phenomena--from fiction, film, science, and the Internet, to globalization and the rise of a transnational image culture. They use the best of modern and postmodern perspectives to illuminate contemporary life and to strive for a just and viable future.


Introduction: Between the Modern and the Postmodern. Thomas Pynchon and the Advent of Postmodernity. Moden/Postmodern Wars: Vietnam, Iraq and Beyond. Postmodern Turns in Science: Toward a Reconstruction. Technological Revolutions and Human Evolution. The Restructuring of Capital. Epilogue; Challenges for the Third Millennium.
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