The Psychologist's Book of Personality Tests: 24 Revealing Tests to Identify and Overcome Your Personal Barriers to a Better Life

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Millions of people live with their painful emotions, struggling to make it through each day when it is not necessary to suffer alone. Now this comprehensive guide can help readers recognize and overcome their psychological barriers and have a more satisfying and effective life. Complete with twenty-four self-tests developed by behavioral researchers, this book covers personal barriers, interpersonal barriers, and one's capacity for change. In addition, Dr. Janda provides expert advice following each test that will help readers use their results to make changes for themselves or to seek professional help.


Introduction. PERSONAL BARRIERS. How Do You Feel about Yourself?: The Self--Esteem Rating Scale. How Anxious Are You?: The Four Systems Anxiety Questionnaire. How Depressed Are You?: The Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire. Who Controls Your Fate?: The Personal Behavior Inventory. How Rational Are You?: The Survey of Personal Beliefs. How Impulsive Are You?: The Barratt Impulsiveness Scale. How Do You Feel about Your Body?: The Multidimensional Body--Self Relations Questionnaire. How Much Do You Worry?: The "Why Worry" Scale. INTERPERSONAL BARRIERS. How Friendly Are You?: The Friendliness Scale. How Assertive Are You?: The Adult Self--Expression Scale. How Capable Are You of Intimacy?: The Fear of Intimacy Scale. Are You a Controlling Person?: The Way of Life Scale. Are You an Angry Person?: The Multidimensional Anger Inventory. How Trusting Are You?: The Specific Interpersonal Trust Scale. How Romantic Are You?: The Romantic Relationship Scale. How Guilty Are You about Sex?: The Revised Mosher Guilt Inventory. IN SEARCH OF SELF--GROWTH. How Good Are You at Turning Your Bad Moods Around?: The Negative Mood Regulation Scale. How Effective a Person Are You?: The Self--Efficacy Scale. How Hardy Are You?: The Hardiness Scale. How Well Do You Cope with Traumatic Life Events?: The Thriving Scale. How Empathic Are You?: The Empathy Scale. How Comfortable Are You with Your Mortality?: The Sense of Symbolic Immortality Scale. Do You Like New Experiences?: The Neophilia Scale. Do You Experience Moments of Joy?: The Peak Experiences Scale. Epilogue: Translating Knowledge into Action.


LOUIS JANDA, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Old Dominion University. He is also the author of The Psychologist's Book of Self--Tests: 25 Love, Sex, Intelligence, Career, and Personality Tests and Love and Sex Tests, along with six psychology textbooks. He has appeared on Donahue, Geraldo, and Sonya Friedman, among other television shows.
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