I Love My Doll

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Dezember 2011



The doll was concealed by many covers, which the author endeavored to eliminate one after the other in his journey through time and through terrains that once cradled the doll and her devoted lovers. This intriguing book takes you through the many abolished walls that once stood guard to the doll to arrive at her bare essence and raw reality. The first cover sheds light on the early beginnings. It offers a deep look into the origins and the rational of the timeless relationship between man and dolls. The second cover takes you back to the ever captivating East across the rich and colorful history it shared with dolls. The third cover puts the ageless Barbie doll and her solid rival Bratz head to head. Its studies Barbie's fame, popularity and appeal and looks into similar dimensions in Bratz as she crowds Barbie out of the spot lights and establishes new game rules. The fourth cover analyzes 'Fula' a brunette from the East, while the fifth cover takes a more comprehensive look at the potential hidden in Eastern lands. The final cover is where the book ends and the possibilities begin.


Jaffar Hamza was born in 1977 in Al-Malkiya,Bahrain.He received a BS.c in Electrical Engineering from University of Bahrain and an International Diploma in Management & Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute,Manchester-CMI.and Diploma from WIPO in IP. He's a fashion designer. As a writer,he is interested in Intellect,Social & Culture.
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Untertitel: The Love Story between Human and Doll. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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