Determinants of Class Interactions

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Dezember 2011



This book is the result of a survey made to look into a problem faced by students at school in general and female students in particular. If we do not understand what the root cause of the problem is, it is hardly possible to recommend measures that could help intervene the problem and record sustainable gains. I happened to turn my face and scrutinize this problem based on my experiences in teaching at schools and universities. These are the primary drives to avail this book to my readers. Unless we support what we give to others with tangible facts, we cannot produce a result that is in line with the existing problem. Scanning problems from different perspectives is the major sine qua non for success. It was due to this conviction that I put on the armor of "IT IS POSSIBLE" and went on this journey of detecting class interaction impairments in Ethiopian preparatory school context.


I say eureka as the time that reveals the very idea that I have been thinking since my childhood has got an opportunity to be exposed to people, who want to learn how to learn and unlearn, re-learn, and learn through Mediated Learning Experiences/ MLE- the tool that unlishes the potential to think out of the box.
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