Erections in the Far East

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Dezember 2011



A humorous account of a construction engineer living and working in SE Asia. The mishaps, pranks, highs and lows of steel tower erecting, from the remotest parts of Cambodia, to the more lively cities of Thailand. He finds himself face to face with a variety of wildlife on the towers, oddball characters and girlfriends, foreign infections & more!


The author has been in the steel telecommunication tower building/rigging industry for twenty years and can normally be found either hibernating or working somewhere in SE Asia. He occasionally pops back to the UK to catch up with friends and relatives in the Cotswolds, but never in the winter. He is still single and if you read his book it is not difficult to see why.


As an American in a foreign country, I find such writing of particular interest and enjoyment -- especially in this case. A fine bit of writing -- candid in detail, the good, the bad -- you feel you're actually living there. And viewed through the eye of a Brit, you can count on the British wit, dry humour, and keen observation .. Most enjoyable it is -- as if listening to it all over a beer at a bar in Bangkok, Saigon, or Phnom Penh. A great read, a great experience. It takes you there -- you won't want to come back. Amazon US Reviewer
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