The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

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September 2000



There are many reasons why you might need to learn a foreign language quickly. The author, a U.S. Army Green Beret, often travels to foreign countries on short notice and must be able to communicate with military and government officials, many of whom do not speak English.The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast is designed for people who have no interest in learning complicated rules of grammar. So confident is the author of his method that he promises that anyone can become functional in any language in as little as seven days and proficient in 30. To make it work so quickly, he trimmed the fat, freeing your time for what's truly useful. The book includes a day-by-day schedule, a handy work-book format, learning tips to help you master key elements and reproducible forms you can fill out and carry with you anywhere.


Introduction Overview Before You Begin Your Language Toolbox Key Words for Words The Magic of Talking Back Phase I The Basics (Days 1-7) One Day at a Time Day 1 Outlining Your Notebook Day 2 Greetings, Basics, and Emergencies Common Expressions Day 3 Pronouns Key Verbs Key Nouns Day 4 Conjunctions Adjectives Adverbs Prepositions Day 5 Synonyms Antonyms Numbers, Time, Weather Commands/Imperatives Day 6 and 7 Grammar Past-Tense Rules Present-Tense Rules Future-Tense Rules A Final Note on Verbs Case Gender Number Articles Possession Phase 2 Expanding Your Vocabulary (Days 8-30)g Adding New Words and Phrases Creating Your Own Cheat Sheet Recommended Resources Learning Tips Appendix Reproducible Forms
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