Control Techniques, Drives and Controls Handbook

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This book contains a great deal of practical information for drives and industrial engineers who use motors and drives. It is a comprehensive guide to the technology underlying drives and motors. It contains sufficient theory to give both user and student an insight into the design of these components the constraints and opportunities.


Part A: Drive types and core technology. Industrial motors Drive converter circuit topologies Power semiconductor devices Torque, speed and position control Position and speed feedback Motion control Voltage source inverter: four-quadrant operation Switched reluctance and stepper motor drives Part B: The Drive in its environment. The a.c. supply Interaction between drives and motors Physical environment Thermal management Drive system power management: common d.c. bus topologies Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Protection Mechanical vibration, critical speed and torsional dynamics Installation and maintenance of standard motors and drives Part C: Practical Applications Application and drive characteristics Duty cycles Interfaces, communications and PC tools Typical drive functions Common techniques Industrial application examples Part D: Appendices, Symbols and Formulae Conversion tables World industrial electricity supplies (<l kV) Bibliography Index


Professor Bill Drury is a Technical Advisor to Control Techniques (a division of Emerson) having spent 18 years as Technical Director/Exec V.P. Technology there. He is a Visiting Professor at The University of Bristol.
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