The War on Our Doorstep

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April 2012



London's East Enders are known for being a tough, humorous and lively lot. In the early 20th century, families crowded into single rooms, children played on the streets and neighbours' doors were never locked in case you needed an escape route from the police. This title offers a depiction of what it means to be an East Ender.


Harriet Salisbury has been a writer and editor for twenty years and has a special interest in the history of East London. She lives in Hackney. The War on Our Doorstep is her first book. The Museum of London oral history collection contains more than 5,000 hours of recorded life story interviews with a wide variety of people who have lived and worked in London and who talk about their lives and everyday experiences.


"Reveals in heart-rending detail what it truly means to be an East Ender" Daily Express "An excellent collection of recollections of Eastenders. ... What a place, what indomitable pride. Read all about it" Country Life
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Untertitel: London's East End and How the Blitz Changed it Forever. b/w photos scattered throughout. Sprache: Englisch.
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