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A guide that helps parents build stronger relationships with their children. It helps you to: develop your childrens' self-esteem; turn conflicts into conversations; encourage independence and good behaviour; and, be confident and positive in your abilities as a parent.


Sue Atkins is a parenting expert and coach, who is dedicated to spreading her message about good parenting. A former Deputy Head teacher, with over 22 years' experience working with both parents and children, Sue is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and has been taught by Dr Richard Bandler - the co-founder and creator of NLP in association with Paul McKenna training. In addition to running one-to-one parent coaching sessions, Sue is a regular speaker at events and workshops and regularly appears on the TV and radio. www.thesueatkins.com.


"Sue Atkins is the new - and improved - Mary Poppins for today's parents. She offers practical, fresh ways to help our kids become what we all hope and dream: happy, confident, responsible, resilient and ready for the fast-paced, plugged-in modern world." Dr Michele Borba, parenting expert and Today show contributor "Her advice is spot-on, insightful and has always worked - no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue's advice makes sense." -- Lindsey Collumbell, Director, Bojangle Communications Ltd "Sue's common-sense approach to parenting will benefit anyone with kids. She offers practical advice and insights that help busy parents set their priorities, create realistic expectations, and develop a positive family environment in their homes." -- Suzanna Narducci, Tweenparent.Com
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