The 10-Step Stress Solution

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Dezember 2012



With a 10-step plan, this title offers simple and practical solutions for reducing your stress levels. It shows you how to: manage your time at work and at home; regain your balance and lift your mood; improve your concentration and motivation; and, get a good night's sleep and stop worrying.


Neil is one of the UK's leading authorities on stress management and wellbeing issues. He is a stress management consultant and motivational speaker, is a qualified practitioner of hypnotherapy and counselling, and has trained in NLP. Neil has helped thousands of people tackle stress through one-on-one coaching and workshops, and travels all over the world to teach stress management techniques. www.stress.org.uk www.stressmanagementsociety.com.
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Untertitel: Live More, Relax More, Re-energise. Sprache: Englisch.
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