The Essential Difference

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Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor at Cambridge University in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. He is also the Director of Cambridge's internationally-renowned Autism Research Centre. He has carried out research into social neuroscience over a career spanning twenty years. He is the author of Mindblindness and Zero Degrees of Empathy.


This is no Mars/Venus whimsy, but the conclusion fron twenty years of experiment Evening Standard This is a fascinating, thought-provoking book. Women will want to talk about it. Men will sit silent and brood over its details Observer Compelling... the book's final and probably most controversial argument is a treat for those who simply enjoy a good idea Guardian A thought-provoking take on the minds of men and women Evening Standard A devastating new contribution to the gender debate...dynamite Mail on Sunday The minds of men and women are very different - and here at last is the scientific proof... scholarly but never dry, this will definitely provoke lively discussion Daily Mail
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