Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx

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Deals with the relationship between the modern world and the church. Deliberately, the author turns around the order of the words in the idiom 'church and world', thereby stressing the embedding of faith and church life in particular contexts.


1. Religion and the World
2. Humble Humanism
3. Priest and Layman in a Secular World
4. 'The Sorrow of the Experience of God's Concealment'
5. Church and World
6. The Church and Mankind
7. The Ecclesial Life of Religous Man
8. Supranaturalism, Unchristian and Christian Expectations of the Future
9. Christians and Non-Christians
10. Man and his Bodily World
11. The Intellectual's Responsibility for the Future
12. The Significance of a Catholic University for the World and the Church Bibliography Index


Edward Schillebeeckx was an internationally known theologian and one of the leading progressives at the Second Vatican Council. He was the author of many books, including God is New Each Moment, published by Continuum. He died in 2010.
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