Viewpoint in Language

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April 2012



Provides a new understanding of the role and structure of viewpoint in cognition and communication.


Introduction: viewpoint and perspective in language and gesture, from the ground up Eve Sweetser; Part I. Intersubjectivity and Subjectification: 1. Irony as a viewpoint phenomenon Vera Tobin and Michael Israel; 2. Subjectivity and upwards projection in mental space structure Lilian Ferrari and Eve Sweetser; 3. Negation, stance verbs, and intersubjectivity Barbara Dancygier; Part II. Gesture and Processing of Visual Information: 4. Interactions between discourse status and viewpoint in co-speech gesture Fey Parrill; 5. Maybe what it means is he actually got the spot: physical and cognitive viewpoint in a gesture study Shweta Narayan; Part III. Multiple Viewpoints in American Sign Language: 6. Reported speech as an evidentiality strategy in American sign language Barbara Shaffer; 7. Two ways of conceptualizing space: motivating the use of static and rotated vantage point space in ASL discourse Terry Janzen; Part IV. Constructions and Discourse: 8. The constructional underpinnings of viewpoint blends: the Past+now in language and literature Kiki Nikiforidou; 9. Evoking discourse spaces in speech and thought representation Lieven Vandelanotte; Conclusion: multiple viewpoints, multiple spaces Barbara Dancygier.


Barbara Dancygier is a Professor in the Department of English at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Eve Sweetser is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley.


'The ability with which the editors have been able to give shape to a coherent approach is to be applauded. It is likely that a number of researchers now working separately in different areas on viewpoint will be encouraged to carry on with their work enlightened and inspired by this volume. Indeed, the bringing together of linguistics, cognitive science, and literary studies by a unifying concept of subjectivity as an embodied phenomenon is a major and needed achievement.' Simone Bacchini, The Linguist List (linguistlist.org)
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