Cloud Time

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April 2012



This book maps capitalisms mobilization of cloud computing in its bid to archive and enclose the future.


Rob Coley is currently a Doctoral candidate at the University of Lincoln, researching the power and politics of contemporary visuality. Dean Lockwood, awarded a PhD in Sociology at York in 1996, is a Senior Lecturer in Media Theory in the School of Media at the University of Lincoln.


It's not only your head that is in the Cloud, but your whole body in its desires, actions, reactions, hiccups and errors too. Coley and Lockwood show in their strong theoretical take on cloudy media cultures that the more invisible control becomes, the more we need to develop fresh theoretical tools to open it up. Cloud Time offers a much-needed analysis of contemporary capitalism as a perverse form of informationalization and quantification of life to which we happily, voluntarily contribute. Even Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has admitted to the difficulty involved in clearly defining the Cloud - and yet, Coley and Lockwood give us excellent clues.(Jussi Parikka, Author of 'Insect Media' and 'Digital Contagions')
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