Out of Bounds

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April 2012



An anthology of work from British black and Asian poets.


JACKIE KAY is one of Britain's leading poets and Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University. She is one of Britain's best-known poets, appearing frequently on radio and TV programmes on poetry and culture. Her poetry books have all sold thousands of copies, while her fiction (from Picador) has been massively popular. Her other Bloodaxe titles include The Adoption Papers (1991), Darling: New & Selected Poems (2007) and The Lamplighter (2008). JAMES PROCTER is Reader in Modern English and Postcolonial Literature at Newcastle University. GEMMA ROBINSON is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Stirling. She is the editor of Martin Carter's University of Hunger: Collected Poems & Selected Prose (Bloodaxe Books, 2006).


'This book really redraws the map of Britain: away with taxonomies of hurt - welcome cartographies of worth' - Fred D'Aguiar
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Untertitel: British Black & Asian Poets. Sprache: Englisch.
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