Global Sport Marketing

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April 2012



Globalization has had a profound impact on the sports industry, creating an international market in which sports teams, leagues and players have become internationally recognized brands. This important new study of contemporary sports marketing examines the opportunities and threats posed by a global sports market, outlining the tools and strategies that marketers and managers can use to take advantage of those opportunities. The book surveys current trends, issues and best practice in international sport marketing, providing a useful blend of contemporary theory and case studies from the Americas, Europe and Asia. It assesses the impact of globalization on teams, leagues, players, sponsors and equipment manufacturers, and highlights the central significance of culture on the development of effective marketing strategy. Global Sport Marketing is key reading for any advanced student, researcher or practitioner working in sport marketing or sport business.


Introduction 1. Building Sports Brands - Andre Richelieu 2. The Internationalization of Sports Teams as Brands - Andre Richelieu 3. Sponsorship and Branding - Christoph Breuer, Tim Pawlowski, Christopher Rumpf 4. The Impact of the 2008 Summer Olympics on Beijing and China's Image - Guojun ZenG, Frank Go, Christian Kolmer 5. Sport Events, Economic Impact and Regulation - Wladimir Andreff 6. Manufacturers of Equipment for Football Clubs: Strategy and Internationalization - Michel Desbordes 7. Be Ready to be Excited: The WWE's Marketing Strategy and Economic Model - Michel Desbordes 8. The Establishment and Management of Sports Arenas: A Neo-Marketing Approach General - Michel Desbordes Conclusions: Some Things to Remember


Michel Desbordes is Professor at the University of Paris Sud 11, France, and Associate Professor at the ISC school of management (Paris, France). He is a specialist in sports marketing, and his research focuses on the management of sport events, sports sponsorship and marketing applied to football. Andre Richelieu is Professor in the Marketing Department at Laval University, Canada. He specializes in brand management and sports marketing. His research relates to how sports teams can leverage their brand equity by capitalizing on the emotional connection they share with their fans, and on how sports teams can internationalize their brand.
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