Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History

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April 2002



A passionate and provocative call to revive the neglected practice of local history, full of ideas and insights for how to embrace and celebrate the stories from one's home region, which form the "sinews of community." Amato shows us that history begins in our own neighborhoods and urges us to pay attention.


Maps Foreword Introduction. The Concept and the Practitioners of Local History 1. A Place Called Home 2. Grasses, Waters, and Muskrats: A Region's Compasses 3. The Rule of Market and the Law of the Land 4. Writing History through the Senses: Sounds 5. Anger: Mapping the Emotional Landscape 6. The Clandestine 7. Madness 8. Madame Bovary and a Lilac Shirt: Literature and Local History 9. The Red Rock: Inventing Peoples and Towns 10. Business First and Always Conclusion: The Plight of the Local Historian Notes Acknowledgments and Sources Index


Joseph A. Amato is Professor of Rural and Regional Studies at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota, and principal founder of the Society for Local and Regional History. He is the author of Dust: A History of the Small and the Invisible (California, 2000), Bypass: a Memoir (2000), Golf Beats Us All (So We Love It) (1997); The Decline of Rural Minnesota (1993); The Great Jerusalem Artichoke Circus: The Buying and Selling of the American Rural Dream (1993); and Victims and Values: A History and Theory of Suffering (1990), and a forthcoming history of walking.


"Rethinking Home is pioneering scholarship at its best. Amato's eloquent plea for scholars to rethink the Intricate relationships between home, place, nation, and world is one that cannot be ignored." - Richard O. Davies, University Foundation Professor, University of Nevada; "Local history is the stepchild of our profession. Joseph Amato has emancipated Cinderella. Innovative and engaging, his passion for particulars brings life to people and places whose interest we have underrated far too long; and provides a good read beside."-Eugen Weber, Department of History, UCLA; "How pleasantly odd, how wonderful that a book on local history should be so rousing, so encouraging, so redemptive! Rethinking Home is a veritable call to arms for those of us who care deeply about the special, the distinctive character of our own home places, our own locales."-Bradley P. Dean, Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods
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