Revelation of Love

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April 1997



Julian of Norwich's fourteenth-century classic, A Revelation of Love - along with The Cloud of Unknowing and Teresa of Avila's The Interior Castle - forms the very heart of Western mysticism, and each generation has cherished its beautiful poetry and profound account of a soul's quest for the divine. This new translation of Julian's mystical writings offers today's reader immediate access to one of the most powerfully spiritual books written in English. Julian's message of God's intimate and enabling love is revealed as both beguiling and inescapable. The poetry and rhythmic structure of the original Middle English are respected, yet are given fresh immediacy since the text is now rendered in inclusive language for the first time ever. Moreover, Julian's key ideas are easily identified - even by newcomers to her unique system of thought - by means of an original and authoritative linking commentary at the head of each key chapter, as well as continuing support from highly informative footnotes and a detailed glossary of the main terms used.

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