Revolution Postponed: Women in Contemporary China

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Juni 1985



The Communist revolution promised Chinese women an end to thousands of years of subjugation, an equality with men in all matters legal, political, social, and economic. This book examines the extent to which this promise has been kept.


1. Eating bitterness: the past and the pattern; 2. Speaking bitterness: doing research in the People's Republic of China; 3. Women workers in the cities; 4. Women workers in the countryside; 5. Being and becoming a proper Chinese woman; 6. Cooked rice: marriage in New China; 7. The setting of Chinese women's lives: family organization; 8. Sharing a stove: urban domestic relations; 9. Sharing a stove: rural domestic relations; 10. The birth limitation program: family vs. state; 11. The other revolution; Notes; Index.


'Margery Wolf is an anthropologist well practiced in observing, documenting,and analyzing the Chinese family, community, and society from the female perspective ... This book both sensitively records and astutely analyzes the details of women's activities, their relationships, attitudes, and aspirations, as presented and interpreted by women in China themselves.' Elizabeth Croll, The Times Literary Supplement
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