Right or Wrong, God Judge Me

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November 2000



An annotated collection of all of the known writings of John Wilkes Booth.


"This first work to gather all of the known writings of Booth offers important new information and insights into his activities and his character... The research for the annotations is most impressive, and they add an important dimension to Booth's writings." -- James M. McPherson, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era "'Right or Wrong, God Judge Me' is marvelous reading and makes a new and major contribution to Civil War history--to American history! In his own words and in the notes and introductions of the editors, Booth escapes his popular image as a mad bomber. The book shows us--far more convincingly than his sister's memoirs or the writings of his friends--what Booth really was and what he and so many, many others really thought Lincoln was... [A] very sophisticated piece of work." -- William Hanchett, author of The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies "Rhodehamel and Taper have pulled together the most extensive record of what remains [of Booth's writings], more than doubling what had been published previously... [They] have not only found new letters, but, through a useful introduction and extensive notes, put every document into context." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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