Runnning and Walking for Women Over 40: The Road to Sanity and Vanity

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In 1967, Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Now at age 50, she is paving the way again with the first running and walking program designed for the specific needs of the mature female. 40 photos. Charts. Line drawings.


Kathrine Switzer is Program Director for Avon Running Global Women's Circuit, an international program that provides millions of women with the opportunity to compete in running and walking events all over the world. She has run thirty-five marathons, won the 1974 New York City Marathon, and in 1975 was ranked sixth in the world and third in the United States. She is also a jounalist and an Emmy Award-winning sports commentator for ABC, NBC, CBS and Turner Sports Broadcasting. She is married to Dr. Roger Robinson, professor, author, and noted age-group runner, and divides her time between New York City, Virginia, and New Zealand.


"This book will give women everywhere the guidance they need." --Grete Waitz, nine-time winner of the New York City Marathon and author of "On the Run: Exercise and Fitness for Busy People"
"I took up running and fitness walking at age sixty-seven, and it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did in my life. " Running and Walking for Women Over 40" will help more women like me get started exercising, and then they'll find out how pleasurable and rewarding it can be."--Reidun Andersen, Grete Waitz's mom
"Katherine Switzer has always been a pioneer, and she's on the right track again with this pioneering book. Almost all the women in my weekly health walking class are over forty, and the fitness results have transformed them. Katherine's book will help get thousands more started today." --Howard "Jake" Jacobson, motivation and conditioning coach to Olympic walks, and author of the forthcoming, "Health Walk to Fitness"
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