Project Management for Non-Project Managers

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Great managers are experts at getting bottom-line results, but often do not understand their role in the success or failure of their organization's projects. They balk at the arcane terminology and are unaware of how to use valuable project management techniques and tools—a knowledge gap that can be a serious career barrier!

Functional managers with even basic project management (PM) knowledge are the best people for keeping projects business-focused. This new book demystifies the jargon and processes, encouraging managers to jump into the PM arena and arming them with strategies for increasing the business value created by their company's projects. Readers will discover:
• Advice for switching gears from passive bystander to active owner of projects
• Insights into four critical PM skills, including business analysis techniques, work breakdown structures, program sequencing techniques, and risk management methods
• Step-by-step guidelines, case studies, and illustrations for mastering these skills

Project Management for Non-Project Managers provides easy-to-read, in-a-nutshell explanations of all the PM basics that managers need to achieve project success.





The Critical Role of the Functional Manager in Project

Chapter 1 What the Functional Manager Should Know
About the Project Organization
Who Is the Functional Manager?
The Challenge of Integrating the Project Team into the Organization
The Functional Manager's Role in Creating an Integrated Project
The Three Types of Organizational Structure
The Functional Manager's Impact on Project Success or Failure

Chapter 2 The Importance of Project Planning
Creating Foresight
Why Do You Need a Plan?
What Is a Good Plan?
Basic Steps to Planning Projects
Summary of Project Planning
Project Plans and Vendors
Project Planning Tools: What They Do and What They Don't Do
Challenges to Getting a Good Plan
Multi-Project Systems

Chapter 3 Understanding the Business Side of the Project
The Connection Between Business Knowledge and Requirements
Writing Good Requirements
Scope Creep
Stabilizing Requirements Through the Business Process

Chapter 4 The Ideal Functional Manager in the Project
''Get It'' . . . or Risk Getting Moved Out

Four Critical Project Management Skills for Functional

Chapter 5 The Project Management Mystique Unveiled
A Shared Language
Project Management Demystified
Demystifying Methodologies

Chapter 6 Articulating the Real Customer Need and Business
Case for the Project
Producing a Mission Statement That Conveys Urgency and Vision
Creating a Meaningful Current and Future State Comparison
Base Your Requirements on the Business Process
Prepare a Realistic Business Cas

Chapter 7 Staying Focused on Project Deliverables
The Deliverable Structure: A Portrait of the Work
Creating Deliverable Structures
Case Study

Chapter 8 Understanding Key Project Dependencies
Telling Your Story of the Work
Case Study

Chapter 9 Being Proactive About Project Risk
Basics of Risk
Pushing the Risk Discussion
Case Study

Chapter 10 The Power of the Principles



JACK FERRARO, PMP, is president of MyProjectAdvisor®, a company that provides project management consulting, coaching, and training. He has 22 years of experience working with project teams and managing complex projects.

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