Water and Wastewater Minimization in Tannery

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Januar 2012



Water is used in most process industries for wide range of applications. The optimum water usage network leads to a minimum water consumption and wastewater Treatment. This book presents water pinch technology for fresh water and wastewater minimization in tanning industry with single contaminant.Alternative water reuse were evaluated through the analysis of the processes wastewater to estimate the concentration of some contaminant parameters. The study was carried out in pilot scale. The parameters are indicators to evaluate water quality according to the objective of reuse system.During the analysis, it was tested that re-use in pre-soakiing and main soaking stages using 100% of effluent from deliming discharge, reuse in bating and washing1 100% and bating washing2 75% from bating washing3 and on the reuse in tanning, 80% washing after shaving was possible.


I was born in 1984, in Ethiopia. I have got both BSC degree in chemical Engineering and MSC in Environmental Engineering at Addis Ababa University on 2007 and 2011 respectively.I have been working in Leather Industry Development Institute as researcher and preparing EIA reports for different projects along with GTwo Environmental consultancy PLC.
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