Multithreaded Fuzzy Logic based Web Services Mining Framework

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Januar 2012



Web is evolving from the time of its birth. It is transformed from static information to dynamic pages and the future of web is service oriented. Service providers started publishing services on the web and the service requestors are querying these services. Number of services published on the internet is increasing rapidly. Finding valuable and attractive web services are becoming difficult due to massive number of services. Requirement of web services mining like data mining is vital nowadays. In this paper we have presented a comparative study of web services compositions with mining concepts. We proposed a web services mining frame work based on fuzzy logic, fuzzy set theory and fuzzy matching algorithm. This framework helps us in finding valuable services and composing those services into composite web services. Mined services are further filtered in the constraint satisfaction and evaluation phases where specified constraints are matched. Framework is tested with different UDDI registries of large sizes and the results are compared with existing techniques.


Khurram Shehzad is a PHD student and an active researcher in areas of Web service, Data mining, Symantec web and Grid computing. He has published couple of research papers in international journals. He is also working as Assistant Manager in a Scientific Organization.
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