Ultra-Wideband Communications: Fundamentals and Applications: Fundamentals and Applications

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September 2005



This book introduces UWB communications systems in simple and easy to understand language. It covers the fundamentals for short pulse generation and propagation, regulatory issues, UWB interference concerns, and the applications and potential target markets. It offers a comprehensive background to UWB technology, short pulse generation, UWB antenna concepts, UWB modulation and multiple access techniques as well as UWB applications. This book is for self-study by individuals new to the field of UWB communications. The simple language and full coverage of the technology makes this book a perfect reference for non-technical readers as well as a good study aide for undergraduate students for understanding more technical text books in the field.


Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1. Introduction to Ultra-Wideband Communications. Introduction History and Background UWB Concepts UWB Signals Advantages Challenges Differences Between UWB and Spread Spectrum Single Band vs. Multiband The Regulatory Situation FCC Emission Limits UWB Applications Summary References Bibliography 2. UWB Sources and Antennas. Introduction UWB Pulse Generation UWB Antennas Summary References Bibliography 3. Pulse-Detection and Multiple-Access Techniques. Introduction Conventional Pulse-Detection Techniques Pulse Modulation and Detection Techniques UWB Multiple-Access Techniques Summary References Bibliography 4. Interference Issues. Introduction Interference Effects on IEEE 802.11a/b WLANs Interference to GPS Receivers Interference to Cellular Systems Summary References Bibliography 5. Applications and Target Markets. Introduction Initial Mass Market Opportunities Speed-to-Market Advantages Driving CE, PC, and Mobile Industry Convergence Existing Potential Markets Target Consumer Electronics Products Target PC-Oriented Markets UWB in Consumer Electronics Devices UWB for PC-Oriented Applications Future Mass Market Adoption Timeline Additional and Niche Markets UWB Market Players Summary References Bibliography Appendix A: Theoretical Derivations of UWB Interference Effects on Existing Radio Systems. 802.11a/b WLAN Systems GPS Receivers CDMA-Based Cellular Systems References Abbreviations. Glossary. Index.


Faranak Nekoogar, Ph.D., is coauthor of From ASICs to SOCs: A Practical Approach, published by Prentice Hall (2003). She has worked for many years researching UWB topics in the Department of Applied Science at University of California, Davis. Faranak has published several patent applications and technical papers in the following areas of UWB research: multiple-access techniques, channel estimation, synchronization, and secure wireless sensor networks using UWB radios. She currently conducts research on UWB-RFIDs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She also has several years of industry experience in functional and timing verification of application-specific integrated circuits and systems-on-a-chip.
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