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August 1999



"Stephen Krasner weighs in on a growing debate over the continued relevance of sovereignty today. Is it declining or not? Is the state system about to be replaced by something else? Krasner's book will spark much debate and become required reading for all those who wish to think seriously about the nature of sovereignty today."--Hendrik Spruyt, Columbia University""Sovereignty: Organized Hypocrisy" is a book with a provocative theme that is tracked through a variety of interesting cases to a conclusion that may help to clarify contemporary discussions of a central theoretical and practical issue in the discipline. It is likely to become a standard example of mainstream realist efforts to address the current generation of arguments that globalization is producing fundamental change in international relations."--Jack Donnelly, University of Denver


Acknowledgments ix
CHAPTER ONE Sovereignty and Its Discontents 3
CHAPTER TWO Theories of Institutions and International Politics 43
CHAPTER THREE Rulers and Ruled: Minority Rights 73
CHAPTER FOUR Rulers and Ruled: Human Rights 105
CHAPTER FIVE Sovereign Lending 127
CHAPTER SIX Constitutional Structures and New States in the Nineteenth Century 152
CHAPTER SEVEN Constitutional Structures and New States after 1945 184
CHAPTER EIGHT Conclusion: Not a Game of Chess 220
References 239
Index 255


One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2000 "Stephen Krasner played a key role in transforming state sovereignty from a neorealist presumption into an object of sustained inquiry. Thus his new book is particularly noteworthy... Keeping different kinds of sovereignty straight is crucial to the study of international relations, whether at the hands of neorealists or constructivists, nonliberal institutionalists, or postmodernists."--Fred H. Lawson, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science "Krasner stakes out a rigorous and important position. This book is one that must be read by those who have the slightest interest in the history of international relations."--Virginia Quarterly Review "Sovereignty is a powerful and important book, destined to become a standard realist position in the current contexts of globalization and security theory."--Choice
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