Space Odyssey: The First Forty Years of Space Exploration

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Mai 2002



Highly illustrated account of the greatest moments of space exploration.


1. Departure; 2. Barren void; 3. Life beyond; 4. Another world; 5. Ambassadors; 6. Escape from Earth; 7. Voyage without motion; Appendices; Index; Bibliography.


' ... a coffee-table-style presentation containing some very beautiful and striking images ... interspersed between these wonders of photographic illustration are words that give considerable added depth to the publication as a whole. We are treated to a series of superbly well-written and thought-provoking essays that really get to grips with the whole idea of exploration of the Universe, by both manne and un-manned spacecraft. This is a highly personalized account, as might be expected from a professional science reporter, but this is what sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill picture book.' Martin Barstow, The Observatory 'If you want a virtual trip into space the best pictures in this volume will give it to you! Excellent value and recommended viewing and reading for everyone.' Richard Taylor, Spaceflight 'Space Odyssey is an account of the development of space travel so far, and is distinguished by its spectacular images and informed text.' A&G 'For anyone with the slightest interest in space flight this is a must buy.' Linda Storey, Astronomy Now 'The text is engaging and humanistic, evoking a sense of wonder in the endeavour, while remaining informative. As such, it could easily be 'the book in the Christmas stocking' that engages a youngster sufficiently to encourage him or her to seek further edification, perhaps even a career in the subject.' International Space Review
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