Mimesis and Empire: The New World, Islam, and European Identities

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This 2001 book offers a comparative look at European and New World early modern culture.


Introduction; 1. Truth, fictions, and the New World; 2. Literary loyalties, imperial betrayals; 3. Lettered subjects; 4. Virtual Spaniards; 5. Faithless empires; 6. Pirating Spain; Conclusion.


Barbara Fuchs is Assistant Professor of English and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Washington, Seattle.


'Fuchs reads many of her texts with probing insight and imagination, and the breadth of her knowledge is very impressive.' Renaissance Quarterly 'Fuchs is an astute and imaginative reader of texts. Her emphasis on the circulation of 'counterfeited' identities ... alone, is refreshing.' Itinerario 'Recovering that sense of the self-evident importance of Islam to early modern Europe is a valuable project. Barbara Fuch's significant contribution to that begins as a corrective to recent writings on early modern colonialism; she rightly insists that European imperialism, and European identities, be seen not only in relation to the example of Rome, but also to Islam.' Sixteenth Century Journal 'An intelligent and balanced book - and a necessary eye-opener on the triangulation of Europe, the Mediterranean and America in the early modern period.' Seventeenth Century News
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