Heroes of the Indian Wars

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Januar 2012



The soldiers who fought the American Indian tribes

This book describes the exploits of the soldiers of the United States Army who fought the indigenous native Indian tribes for the dominance of the North American heartland in the years following the American Civil War. It concentrates particularly on those whose acts of outstanding bravery earned them the highest award it is possible to bestow upon an American soldier-the Congressional Medal of Honour. The contents of this volume were originally part of a two volume work which recounted the actions of the soldiers and sailors of the American Army and Navy from the time the award was created, through the American Civil War and covering actions and campaigns up to and including the Spanish American War and the war in China at the turn of the 20th century. What made this present selection particularly appealing was the large number of fine illustrations which appeared within the text to support the descriptions of the actions. As is often the case with 19th century books the illustrations were not given the prominence or focus that modern day readers might prefer. This Leonaur edition seeks to rectify this. These wonderful accounts of high action are compellingly told and this book is an essential addition to the libraries of all those interested in frontier America and the outstanding exploits of the soldiers in 'dirty shirt blue' who won a continent.

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