The Indians' Last Fight or The Dull Knife Raid

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The iconic times of cowboys and Indians-by one who was there

Although this book's title suggests a particular focus on one notable event in the history of the American Western Frontier it is also a recollection by the author of life as a 'westerner' in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, during the post-Civil War years from around 1870-90. Collins gives us many insightful details of life on the Great Plains, of the cattle trails, the 'cowpunchers' who drove the legendary herds along them and of the many fights and skirmishes fought between the settlers, the U.S army and the Indian tribes who were engaged in a last, desperate struggle to maintain their way of life. The subject of the book's title was a noteworthy event of the so called 'Cheyenne Exodus' and in 1878 and was the last Indian raid in Kansas. Dull Knife and his band of Northern Cheyenne were forcibly removed from their lands and took to the warpath, eventually slaughtering between 75 and 100 settlers around the Cimarron area before fleeing from their pursuers. They were eventually caught in Nebraska and Dull Knife was taken prisoner. This is an excellent first-hand account of the western expansion of the United States by one who lived through them and will be appreciated by all students of the subject.

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