History of the Greek Revolution - Volume 2

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Published in 1833, this comprehensive two-volume history of the Greek Revolution draws upon Army officer Thomas Gordon's personal experiences.


Book III: 1. Assembly of Astros; 2. Campaign of 1823 in Eastern and Western Greece; 3. Campaign of 1823 in the Island of Crete; Book IV: 1. Political aspect of Turkey; 2. Naval campaign of 1824, and destruction of Psarra and Kassos; 3. Operations in Northern Greece; Book V: 1. Character and plans of the Greek government; 2. Progress of the war in Northern Greece; 3. Internal affairs and financial arrangements of Greece, in the year 1825; Book VI: 1. Operations in Eastern Greece and Peloponnesus during the winter and spring of 1826; 2. Third national congress at Piada; 3. Campaign in Northern Greece, and progress of the siege of Athens, up to the end of the year 1827; Book VII: 1. Factions at Egina and Hermione; 2. Continuation of the siege of Athens; 3. Narrative of events connected with Greece, from the loss of Athens until Capodistria's arrival at Nauplia; 4. Second invasion and siege of Chios by the insurgents under Colonel Fabvier; 5. Organized system of Greek piracy.
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