Ubuntu Made Easy: A Project-Based Introduction to Linux

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Full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers, Linux For Your Mom is a hands-on, project-based guide to Ubuntu, a completely free Linux operating system. Authors Rickford Grant and Phil Bull tackle topics of interest to the everyday user, such as customizing the desktop, installing new programs, connecting to the Internet, playing audio and video, and even a bit of the command line. The beauty of Linux is that you can do just about anything with it right out of the box, and the authors get new users up and running in no time. Readers will learn to edit photos and videos, browse the Web, sync their iPod or iPad, and more, all with freely available tools. This edition includes an overview of the new Unity desktop, troubleshooting and security hints, and how to make Ubuntu and your Windows or Mac computers play together nicely. Everything is explained step-by-step in plain English, perfect for the non-geek. Praised by Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing, as 'a fast, crystal-clear topical tour of the amazing collective accomplishment embodied in Ubuntu.'


Rick Grant is the author of Ubuntu Made Easy for Non-Geeks and Linux Made Easy. He has been an operating system maniac for more than 20 years, from his early days with an Atari XL600 to his current Linux machines. Rickford is the international student advisor at Winston-Salem Sate Universtity on North Carolina. Phil Bull is an author of the official Ubuntu documentation and a member of the GNOME documentation project. He has been helping people with computers since his early teens and has been an open source contributor since 2005. Phil currently spends his time studying astrophysics in sunny Oxford, UK.
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