The Salem World of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Februar 2001



Margaret B. Moore, an independent scholar, has published widely on Hawthorne. She lives in Athens, Georgia.


"Rarely does anyone map out this native territory so surely and interestingly as does Moore in this worthy study of Hawthorne's Salem context, in particular providing a much better account than we previously have had of those fellow Salemites - their concerns and activities - that Hawthorne found so troublesome in his own search for identity and imaginative authenticity." - Nineteenth-Century Literature "Moore's extensive research into the history of Salem, including the coming of the Quakers in the 1660s and the witchcraft hysteria of 1962, illustrates the extent of the town's social, political, and religious influence on Hawthorne's life (especially his precollege years) and writing." - American Literature "I found The Salem World of Nathaniel Hawthorne to be an outstanding work of scholarship that is also readable and even - time after time - entertaining.... It is certain to become the definitive biography of Hawthorne's Salem years." - Buford Jones"
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