Shaman, M.D.: A Plastic Surgeon's Remarkable Journey Into the World of Shapeshifting

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Januar 2002



As a plastic surgeon "and" the first non-Quechua woman to be initiated into the Circle of Yachaks (bird-people shamans of the Andes), Dr. Eve Bruce sees herself as an agent of change in both worlds. By integrating the two healing modalities of surgeon and shaman, Bruce is able to help people shapeshift into newfound health on all levels--physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Eve Bruce, M.D., has a plastic surgery practice in Maryland. She also performs shamanic healings, gives workshops on shamanic techniques at Esalen and the Omega Institute, and leads shamanic study tours for the Dream Change Coalition to places as far flung as Ecuador, Tibet, and South Africa.


"This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about holistic healing or the human capacity for self-transformation." --Carolyn Caselli, Magical Blend's Natural Beauty & Health, Summer 2002
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