A Small-Town Marriage

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August 2001



A young woman trapped in a provincial town dreams of being rescued by love. But the Marchesa Colombi puts a twist on that old plot in her story of Denza Dellara, a clumsy Cinderella too big for her hand-me-downs and saddled with a family that seems to go to great lengths to frustrate her hopes-and to make her see reality. To escape everyday boredom, Denza conceives a love for the most unlikely of Prince Charmings, the gargantuan Onorato, a rich local who quotes opera to her but cannot possibly marry a girl without a dowry. Denza carries on a romantic vigil for her "elephant" while lamenting her many woes, until she catches the attention of a prosperous farmer. This Frog Prince has an enormous wart on his forehead, but he can end her daydreaming and save her from impending spinsterhood . . . if she lets him. Paula Spurlin Paige's engaging translation at last introduces this masterpiece of modern Italian literature to an English-speaking audience.


The Marchesa Colombi (1840-1920) was born Maria Antonietta Torriani in the town of Novara. At thirty she moved to Milan and became a journalist, a novelist, a translator, and an active feminist who taught English in a Milanese liceo founded to offer women an alternative education. She produced popular works like In risaia and Prima morire but had been forgotten until A Small-Town Marriage was reprinted in Italy in 1973.
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