South Philadelphia

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Juni 1996



From mayors and mummers to tap dancers and gamblers, South Philly has it all. This book provides an historical examination that spans 300 years, from Thomas Jefferson living in South Philadelphia in 1793 to the burning of Palumbo's in 1994.


Acknowledgments Preface Introduction 1. Irish 2. The Arts 3. Blacks 4. Politics 5. Italians 6. Sports 7. Jews 8. Crime and Violence 9. Not Irish or Black or Italian or Jew 10. One Family: Bennie Dubin's Story Appendix: History by the Numbers Sources Bibliography Index


"If we could all observe our fellow men with Murray Dubin's talent and breadth of understanding, there would be Peace on Earth...and a hell of a lot more great books." --Richard Ben Cramer, Pulitzer Prize Winner "Murray Dubin has managed to weave this neighborhood's 300-year history into a lush tapestry." --The Philadelphia Lawyer "[A] moving series of family histories told by people who grew up in South Philly and in many ways, never left. These folks are mostly Irish, Italian, Jewish and African-American because the community has always been a way station for immigrants from Europe and southern blacks seeking personal or economic freedom in the north." --Main Line Times
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