52 Weekends in the Country

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An inspiring guide to weekend escapes to the British countryside. Features 52 ideas for all budgets, with photos by the award-winning photographer Easton. From the authors of "52 Weekends By The Sea", it ranges from cosy B&Bs to classic country hotels, and it also includes pub, cafe and restaurant recommendations.


It must be something to do with unforgettable childhood holidays touring the remote Scottish Highlands in a jam-packed camper van that fired Brigid Benson's fascination with the countryside. Whatever the spark, the intriguing character of places and people in the country continues to inspire her writing. Craig Easton feels privileged that his work takes him to photograph all over the world. Wherever he goes, the landscape and weather inspire him to show not just what a place looks like, but what it feels like. When he's taking time out, chances are you'll find him with his camera in the west of Scotland or in the east playing golf badly.


"Beautiful!" Daily Mail "An inspiring guide to weekend escapes to the British countryside." The Guardian "This beautifully produced book seeks out the untrodden path and tranquil lake, the artisan bakery and traditional forge where you suspect they may still accept shillings and pence in return for their labours." Daily Mail
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