Project for a Revolution in New York

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September 2012



Part prophecy and part erotic fantasy, this classic tale of otherworldly depravity features New York itself--or a foreigner's nightmare of New York--as its true protagonist. Set in the towers and tunnels of the quintessential American city, Alain Robbe-Grillet's novel turns this urban space into a maze where politics bleeds into perversion, revolution into sadism, activist into criminal, vice into art--and back again. Following the logic of a movie half-glimpsed through a haze of drugs and alcohol, Project for a Revolution in New York is a Sadean reverie that bears an alarming resemblance to the New York, and the United States, that have actually come into being.


Alain Robbe-Grillet wurde am 18. August 1922 in Brest geboren. Er hat Landwirtschaft studiert und später am Institut National des Statistiques gearbeitet. 1953 publizierte er seinen ersten Roman. Am 18. Feburar 2008 ist Alain Robbe-Grillet 85jährig in Caen gestorben.


"Robbe-Grillet introduced . . . a revolution in reading: in his works, there is no sense of a privileged text. No one, not even the author, has the last word, and nobody could, because there is no last word--or for that matter, first . . . What the author provides, with an extreme precision, an extreme beauty . . . are the elements of scenes. Stereotypes, archetypes, frozen images--it is the reader's imagination that does the rest." --Madeleine Chapsal
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