The Specular Moment: Goethes Early Lyric and the Beginnings of Romanticism

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Oktober 1996



"Wellbery provides a fresh understanding of Goethe's new poetic discourse, analyzing its semiological, discursive, and hermeneutic features. In the process, he relates Goethe's lyric poetry to the entirety of his writings, establishing links and filiations that have not previously been noted. All this is done in the broad context of historical comparison and in dialogue with previous scholarship."--Ernst Behler, University of Washington


Note on abbreviations; Part I. The Specular Moment: 1. Idyllic and lyric intimacy; 2. the crisis of vision; 3. Transcendental etudes; Part II. The Sexualization of Specularity: 4. The originary donation; 5. Genius and the wounded subject of modernity; Part III. The Myth of Lyric Voice; 6. Primordial orality; 7. Primordial song; Part IV. Poetic Vocation: 8. Hermeneutics and the origin of humanity; 9. The sublime; Notes; Index.


David E. Wellbery is the Kurrelmeyer Professor of German at the Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of Lessing's Laocoon: Semiotics and Aesthetics in the Age of Reason (Cambridge, l984), and the co-editor of several collections of essays.
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