Spiritual Theology

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The author turns to the great teachers of the past--Augustine, Maximus the Confessor, Bonaventure, Hugh of St. Victor, Calvin and Luther, George Herbert--to recover a spirituality that is rich with the doctrines and disciplines of theology.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 What is Spiritual Theology? Chapter 3 The Journey and the Goal Chapter 4 Conversion Chapter 5 Three Journeys to God Chapter 6 The Eight Deadly Thoughts Chapter 7 Progress in the Spiritual Life Chapter 8 Contemplation Chapter 9 The Book of Nature Chapter 10 The Book of Scripture Chapter 11 Mystical Theology Chapter 12 Christian Doctrine and the Spiritual Life


DIOGENES ALLEN is Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Princeton Theological Seminary. He teaches widely in both Presbyterian and Anglican churches, and is the author of a number of books on the spiritual life.


I was glad to see the first chapter of this book entitled What is Spiritual Theology? as that was the first question that came to my mind when I wondered whether or not to read it, given that I do not like theology and have never heard of the spiritual variety. . . . In a way, Diogenes Allen s opening is an easy one, clearly and kindly written, citing examples from all ages and branches of Christian history. . . . Allen examines the most common reasons why people seek God, starting with distress in the face of troubles such as natural disasters. He writes well. All the motives he mentions for God-seeking are well explained, with the help of extracts from his customary wealth of sources. Perhaps it is because I am a Catholic that I settled down most comfortably when I was past conversion and on to the eight deadly thoughts (or seven deadly sins, as they were called when I first learnt about them). Allen s account of the difference between lust and sexual instinct is just one of those in this chapter which I thought a masterpiece. His piece on the dark night of the soul is wonderful. . . . By the time I had finished his chapters on The Book of Scripture and The Book of Nature, I was feeling positively inspired. It was a bit of a relief to find the end of the book discussing the growing closeness of God in terms of a habitual presence for spiritual theologians rather than a moment of ecstasy. . . . The book . . . is only 161 paperback pages of text, of which the central matter-of-fact core of advice will be good to have at hand while fighting one s way through life.--Teresa McLean "The American Spectator "
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