The Stanley Fish Reader

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" The Stanley Fish Reader " assembles for the first time the best work of this brightest intellectual light.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Not so much a Teaching as an Intangling: Headnote by Joan S. Bennett. 2. Is There a Text in this Class? Headnote by Gerald Graff. 3. With the Compliments of the Author: Reflections on Austin and Derrida: Headnote by Stephen D. Moore. 4. Consequences: Headnote by Geoffrey Galt Harpham. 5. Rhetoric: Headnote by Stephen Mailloux. 6. Therea s no Such Thing as Free Speech: Headnote by Judith Butler. 7. The Law Wishes to Have a Formal Existence: Headnote by Judith Roof. 8. The Young and the Restless: Headnote by Jonathan Goldberg. 9. Why Literary Criticism is Like Virtue: Headnote by Rick Perlstein. 10. No Bias, No Merit: The Case Against Blind Submission: Headnote by Amitava Kumar. 11. Anti--Professionalism: Headnote by Bruce Robbins. Index.


H. Aram Veeser is Associate Professor of English at City College, New York.


"Should you read The Stanley Fish Reader? Absolutely. With care and caring... Read the book." Jurist
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