Cultural Change and Persistence: New Perspectives on Development

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September 2012



This book is about the ways that traditional cultural practices either change or persist in the face of social and economic development, whether the latter proceeds primarily from internal or external forces.


Cultural Change and Persistence in a Globalizing World: An Introduction;
W.Ascher &
J.M.Heffron Normative Considerations in Promoting Cultural Preservation or Change;
W.Ascher 'Old Times There Are Not Forgotten': Southern Traditionalism and American National Development;
J.M.Heffron Nationalism and the Politics of Language: Analogies from Europe for the Pacific Basin;
J.C.Laursen Are Cultural Tensions 'Cultural'? Public Responses to Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Migration in the Russian Far East;
M.Alexseev Cultural Transition and Village Discourse in Twentieth Century China;
H.Li How Our Village Becomes 'Eco-cultural'? Change, Resilience, and Social Capital in Southwest China Minority Communities;
Z.Yongming The Ramlila Project: Indian Identities in an Age of Globalization;
N.Kumar Mexico, from Mestizo to Multicultural: Arts and Identity at the Turn of the Millennium;
C.C.Chorba Global Citizenship, Cultural Change and Education Policy in Japan and New Zealand;
L.Parmenter Culture and Law on the Durand Line: Antinomies of Continuity and Change;
C.H.Norchi Conclusions: Intertwining Cultural Adaptation&
Economic Development;
W.Ascher &


Edited By William Ascher and John M. Heffron


"This work shrewdly and compellingly advances the important topic of culture and economic development, enriching efforts ranging from anthropology (e.g. Stephen Gudeman) to World Bank economists. The authors cut through and across older formulations, for example, in their useful comparison of globalization and modernization and in their suggestive correlations of cultural factors as inhibiting and energizing development. As one favoring analysis both contextualizing and generalizing, I recommend this book for both scholars and practitioners." - James Peacock, Kenan Professor of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina and former president of the American Anthropological Association
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