World Finance Since 1914 (Rle Banking & Finance)

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Charting developments in one of the most turbulent periods of economic history, this far reaching volume covers the problems facing the major economies of Europe in the inter-war years. It also discusses global economic policies and the crises for the world,s major currencies. Although it covers complex themes, the book is written in an accessible way even for the non-specialist.


Preface. 1. Introductory Part 1: Inflation 2. What is Inflation? 3. Finance Before and After 1914. 4. War Finance. 5. War Finance cont,d. 6. Inflation After the War 7. The Post-War Chaos 8. The Post-War Slump 9. Inflation Resumed 10. Limited Inflation. 11. Reparations and War Debts 12. Summary of Part 1 Part 2: Stabilisation 13. What is Stabilisation? 14. Through Deflation to Stability 15. Through Inflation to Stabilisation. 16. International Co-operation. 17. The Gold Rush. 18. The Lending Fever 19. Floating Balances. 20. The Maldistribution of Gold. 21. Finance and Politics 22. The Boom 23. Economic Factors. 24. Summary of Part 2. Part 3: Deflation. 25. What is Deflation? 26. The Slump. 27. The Crisis in Central Europe 28. The Crisis of the Pound 29. The Currency Chaos. 30. Sterling,s Supremacy 31. The Crisis of the Dollar. 32. Dollar,s Supremacy. 33. France,s Crisis 34. The Silver Deflation 35. The End of Reparations. 36. Commercial Debts and the Crisis 37. Summary of Part 3. Part 4. Reflation 38. What is Reflation? 39. Reflation in Great Britain. 40. Reflation in the United States. 41. Reflation in Germany. 42. Reflation in Other Countries 43. The 'Gold Blockade, 44. Reflation in France. 45. The Twilight of the Gold Bloc 46. Summary of Part IV. 47. Conclusion.


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