Hacking Capitalism: The Free and Open Source Software Movement

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The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement demonstrates how labour can self-organise production, and, as is shown by the free operating system GNU/Linux, even compete with some of the worlds largest firms. The book examines the hopes of such thinkers as Friedrich Schiller, Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Negri, in the light of the recent achievements of the hacker movement. This book is the first to examine a different kind of political activism that consists in the development of technology from below.


Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Hackers Chapter 2: Post-Fordist Capitalism Chapter 3: The Commodification of Information Chapter 4: Consumption-Production of Sign Values Chapter 5: Immaterial Labour Chapter 6: World Markets and Global Gift Chapter 7: Play Struggle Notes Bibliography Index


Johan Soderberg was educated at the Falmouth College of Arts in England and holds a degree in Science and Technology Policy from Lund University, Sweden.


"...an excellent resource for those interested in Marxist studies, labor history, the FOSS movement, and current trends in computing... Recommended." - P. L. Kantor, University of Advancing Technology, Choice
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