Making Shore

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September 2011



Torpedoed by a German U-boat, adrift on the open ocean, gravely weakened and slowly dying of thirst: the odds of making shore are lengthening with each gruelling hour. Deliverance will take something more remarkable than sheer endurance. And after survival at sea, more anguish awaits. Based on a true 1942 incident. WINNER 2011 People's Book Prize


Former teacher Sara Allerton lives near Ipswich, Suffolk, with her husband and three children. Making Shore is her first novel.


"A remarkable imaginative achievement"-Edward Stourton "This is a brilliantly conceived story of endurance and romance, in which Sara Allerton's mastery of detail and sympathy with her characters fully engage the reader. It held me enthralled until the last sentence."-Lord Butler "A novel of raw intensity and startling emotional power - Making Shore is a remarkable achievement, a perfect marriage of memories and imagination which stitches together fact and fiction using a thread of heart-stopping romance - Richly descriptive and exquisitely drawn, Making Shore is both a gripping action story and a compelling romance. An impressive debut." - Lancashire Evening Post "This breathtaking debut novel deals with man's harrowing struggle for survival in a hostile sea, but this book is so much more - a life-affirming account of love, camaraderie, anguish and coming of age, played out against a backdrop of the Atlantic swell. Making Shore is destined to become a true maritime classic." - Angus Konstam "Dignified yet compelling - packs an enormous emotional wallop"--Mark Thornton, Costa Award judge.
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