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Ten leading Latin scholars provide specially commissioned in-depth discussions of the poetry of Catullus, one of ancient Rome's most favourite and best loved poets.


Prologue; 1. Callimachus in Verona: Catullus and Alexandrian poetry Damien P. Nelis; 2. Representation and the materiality of the book in Catullus's polymetrics Denis Feeney; 3. Booking lovers: desire and design in Catullus G. O. Hutchinson; 4. Catullus and the Garland of Meleager Kathryn Gutzwiller; 5. Poem 45: the wooing of Acme and Septimius Francis Cairns; 6. A covering letter: poem 65 Tony Woodman; 7. Three problems in poem 66 Ian M. Le M. Du Quesnay; 8. Putting on the yoke of necessity: myth, intertextuality and moral agency in poem 68 Monica R. Gale; 9. Virgil's Catullan plots Philip Hardie; 10. Catullan contexts in Ovid's Metamorphoses K. Sara Myers; Epilogue.


Ian M. Le M. Du Quesnay taught Classics at the Universities of Birmingham and Cambridge and has published a number of classic papers on the Latin poetry of the first century BC from Catullus to Ovid. Tony Woodman has taught at the Universities of Newcastle, Leeds and Durham and is currently Gildersleeve Professor of Classics at the University of Virginia. He has published monographs and commentaries on various Latin subjects and authors, together with award-winning translations of Sallust and Tacitus. The present volume is the latest in a series which he has been co-editing since 1974.


'The essays, all newly commissioned, are by an impressive range of leading classicists.' Times Literary Supplement
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