Write Great Dialogue: Teach Yourself

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August 2012



Write superb dialogue that will help your book stand out from the crowd.


1 An Overview of Dialogue 2 Character in Dialogue I (dialogue in character) 3 Narrative in Dialogue 4 Dialogue in Narrative (non 'scene' dialogue) 5 Versions of Dialogue (monologue, thoughts, letters, diaries, voice messages) 6 Dialogue and Indirect Speech 7 Transitions in and out of Dialogue 8 Dialogue Imitations of Reality (crowds, multiple speech, interrupted speech, foreign languages) 9 Character in Dialogue II (using dialogue to learn about your characters: the art of not listening, getting them angry, letting their hair down) 10 The Far Reaches of Dialogue (experimental approaches, shifting dialogue between characters) 11 Dialogue in Summary (some exercises, some suggested reading)


Irving Weinman (Sussex, England) is an American author who has written 6 published books, for publishers including Faucett and John Daniel, and has contributed to the New York Times Book Review. He teaches Creative Writing at the University of Sussex.
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