The Apocalyptic Trinity

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For 50 years Thomas J.J. Altizer has been at the forefront of public and academic debate in theology and the philosophy of religion. The central figure of the so-called 'death of god' debate of the 1960s, Altizer has continued to write on the issues and conditions for theology in modernity, and to influence new generations of students, scholars and readers worldwide, arguing for a Christian atheism that challenges institutional, orthodox Christianity to its core. In this latest, audacious book, Altizer demands nothing less than a radical rethinking of the theology of the Trinity, forcing into question both the residual liberal piety and the conservative faith that still undergird so much of religious studies and theology. Yet this volume is at the same time a work that returns the Trinity to centrality within Christian theology and existence. The Apocalyptic Trinity seeks to call forth a uniquely Christian Godhead that embodies absolute apocalypse that very apocalypse originally enacted by Jesus as apocalyptic prophet.


Preface, by Mike Grimshaw The Mystery of the Trinity The Offence of the Trinity The Necessity of the Trinity The Origin of the Trinity The Apocalyptic Trinity and Absolute Nothingness


Thomas J. J. Altizer


"Having followed Altizer's theology since the late 1970s, I can confidently state that The Apocalyptic Trinity ranks among his very best in terms of erudition, insight, and imagination. This extraordinary work is not only the culmination of his original apocalyptic theology; it also firmly situates his position in the historical trajectory of dogmatic theology. As Altizer makes patently clear, the doctrine of the Trinity is not a biblical teaching, but represents instead a strain of dogmatic ecclesiastical theology at its most abstract and mysterious level. Altizer does not offer an apology for the Trinity; rather, he historically situates and trenchantly critiques this deepest and, as he persuasively argues, most dangerous of dogmas." -- Brian Schroeder, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Religious Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology
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